Simple Thing that can Kill


I was shocked. I thought I only stole a glance to my phone for a second, just because I heard some beeps from it.

It was in the middle of the street, stopped and tried to figured out what was just occurred. My boys at the back of the seat looked shocked also. Yes, I just hit a blue car in front of me. I generally felt my consciousness.

I tried not to realize that I am still in the middle of the street. Other vehicles around me was getting slower. I knew I am in trouble. I got out from my car and shown my innocence face. I was feeling guilty, in fact.  Two men who was riding on the car that I hit, looked confused. I was so sure that they were angry but to see me with my little boys made them hesitated.

Before they said one word, I apologized instantly. It was really my mistake, not fully concentrated while driving. Or I can say that It was my carelessness because I paid attention to my phone.

This is the second time I had an accident because I was texting. It is really just a simple thing that can cause horrible accidents.

A woman in Wisconsin on trial, accused of texting before crash killed 3 kids. One is her own daughter. Even she is now suffer amnesia because of the traumatic brain injury she suffered in the crash, but when investigators searched the phone’s data history, they uncovered messages sent near the time of the crash. It is possible that she is distracted by her mobile phone.

Although many people do it every day, driving is a very complicated activity. Driving requires us to coordinate a lot of different information at once. You might think once you have learned the skills, you don’t really have to pay all that much attention to what you are doing.

Texting use so many resources of our body, but the most dangerous thing is we have our thoughts distracted, occupies our hands.

In Indonesia, the government have issued the law for using mobile phone while driving. Article 283, Law No. 22 of 2009 which states:

“Any person driving a motor vehicle on the road is not fair and do other activities or affected by circumstances that lead to impaired concentration in driving on road as referred to in Article 106 paragraph (1) shall be punished with imprisonment of 3 (three) months or fine of not more Rp750.000,00 (seven hundred fifty thousand rupiah) ”

It is obvious that using mobile phone is one that can impaired concentration while driving. But in Indonesia the use of handsfree while answering the phone is allowed.

Having twice accident because of texting, have made me realize that it is really dangerous. Can caused us the lost of materials and life too. The most fatal if we lead others also injured.

And I just decided that I do not want to come to work again with my sister, because all the time she was busy chat while driving. Probably she already get used to it, but for me with my own trauma, I would better not ignore it.


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